Dysfunctional effects on people and the organization

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Working with organizations to improve the interactions of members and increase productivity through collaborative behavior is an essential role of management. You will need to pick an organization to use for this project. The organization you choose may be your current or former employer, or alternatively, an organization in which you volunteer or one about which you can easily find information through the school library, the Internet, or other sources.

Based on the organization you selected for this project, research and address the elements of organizational culture and structure that will improve interactions for leaders and employees. The text, Intellipath and MUSE are useful resources to begin your research. Write a 1200-1500 word paper that addresses the following:

Based on the organization you selected for this project, describe the organizational culture, applying concepts from the course. To what degree does the organization’s culture drive employee alignment with the stated values and beliefs.

Explain how organizational culture may result in functional or dysfunctional effects on people and the organization. Discuss issues important to creating an ethical and positive organizational culture. Use the culture of your selected organization as an example in your analysis.  

Based on the organization you selected for this project, describe and assess the effectiveness of the formal and informal structures in supporting employee performance.

Reference no: EM132280568

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