During normal business hours on the east coast

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1. Find an article about any technology related project. Write a summary (@ 1 double-spaced page) and include the link of the article. The summary should include details about the organization, project manager, and the project itself including scope, schedule, budget, and any business reasons for the project. If the project is successful, describe what helped the project succeed. If the project failed, describe what caused the failure.

2. During normal business hours on the east coast, calls to the toll-free reservation number of the Nite Time Inn arrive at a rate of 5 per minute. It has been determined that the number of calls per minute can be described by the Poisson distribution. Find the probability that in the next minute, the number of calls arriving will be SHOW USING EXCEL. SHOW FORMULA

Exactly 5

Exactly 4

Reference no: EM132279967

Different meanings and cultures and segment markets

Your text discusses the importance of color with packaging in chapter 12. Choosing a company with a distinctive color. Discuss the importance of color with that company’s adve

Administrators are faced with a variety of ethical issues

Health care providers, managers, and administrators are faced with a variety of ethical issues. These issues range from right to life and abortion to right to die and physic

Marketing campaign concept

Briefly describe the marketing campaign for the product or service. What approach and strategy are you proposing for the campaign? What is your proposed promotion mix, and whi

Why does workplace violence occur

Why are some people more affected by stress than others? What job characteristics are most likely to result in high levels of stress? Why should organizations be concerned abo

Calculate the annual cost of holding inventory for the truck

Value Electronics has a yearly demand of 100,000 units for their tablet. The order processing cost per order is $2,000, and inventory holding cost is $80/item/year. They have

Is interviewing a two-way street

Is interviewing a two-way street? As a job interview nears conclusion, what kinds of questions should you ask about the position or company? Provide some examples that you hav

Better business bureau to protect businesses and consumers

Do you feel that the Better Business Bureau is effective in ensuring that companies behave ethically to protect the consumer? In a narrative format, discuss the key facts and

Effective control systems

Successful control systems are effective in ensuring good performance within the organization. They have a lot of control within the organization and have a lot of emphasis


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