During normal business hours on the east coast

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1. Find an article about any technology related project. Write a summary (@ 1 double-spaced page) and include the link of the article. The summary should include details about the organization, project manager, and the project itself including scope, schedule, budget, and any business reasons for the project. If the project is successful, describe what helped the project succeed. If the project failed, describe what caused the failure.

2. During normal business hours on the east coast, calls to the toll-free reservation number of the Nite Time Inn arrive at a rate of 5 per minute. It has been determined that the number of calls per minute can be described by the Poisson distribution. Find the probability that in the next minute, the number of calls arriving will be SHOW USING EXCEL. SHOW FORMULA

Exactly 5

Exactly 4

Reference no: EM132279967

What is the importance of the process to toyota organization

Importance: What is the importance of the process to the Toyota organization? Scope: What is the scope of this process (what is the breadth of its reach)? Parties involved: Wh

Promote perceptions of fairness in their organizations

What is organizational justice, and how are its four types of justice different from one another? What specific things can managers do to help to promote perceptions of fairne

Outline leader can take to effectively communicate a vision

Post a leadership strategy for translating a vision into organizational success. Outline the steps a leader can take to effectively communicate a vision, get others within t

About the pros and cons of unions

Now that you have learned much about the pros and cons of unions, what direction should US labor unions should take in the future? What direction should employers take in the

Describe methods used to assess the behaviors

Explain the concept of organizational effectiveness, as it relates to the interactions of members. Describe methods used to assess the behaviors and attitudes of organizatio

Define total quality management

Assume that you have recently been hired as the director of continuous improvement of a company. You are an outside hire with limited history of the firm and personal capita

Actively managing stakeholders expectations

A project manager (PM) should focus on actively managing stakeholders’ expectations. This includes addressing concerns that have not yet become issues and clarifying issues th

Public companies identified in the economist special report

Evaluate the threats to public companies identified in The Economist Special Report (19-May-2012.) How serious is this threat? Will limited liability companies survive? Do the


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