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Oil Service Company has an office in a remote area in North Dakota. During an uncharacteristically heavy snow, three employees in the office of Oil Service Company called the manager of Oil Service Company to say that they did not think that they could get to work because of the heavy snow. The manager told each of those employees that he did not want them driving to work if they thought that it was too dangerous, but that since there was an important contract that had to be finished, and if they wanted, he (the manager) would come to their houses, pick them up, and bring them to work. Two of the three employees who called agreed to have the manager come to their houses and bring them to the office. One of those employees slipped on the ice in front of her house as she was coming down the front steps to the manager’s car and was injured. Is this employee entitled to workers’ compensation for this injury? Why, or why not?

Reference no: EM131229030

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