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Exercise 1. Let's consider the old coin based soda machine behavior discussed in class. The following states were identified: Idle, Collecting Money, Testing & Computing Change, Making Change, and Dispensing Item. Draw the State Diagram of the Soda Vending Machine. 

Exercise 2. Now let's consider the more modern 21st Century vending soda machines such as the ones found in LLC, 1st Floor. Such machines accept digital payments. Do the following: 1) Give two different scenarios describing a student making a purchase of his/her favorite drink, say a Coke Cola. 2) Given a third scenario describing student who failed to successfully complete the purchase of a drink. Please note that there may be several ways in which the purchase can fail and you are simply requested to illustrate one typical example. 3) Draw the State Diagram of the new and improved Soda Vending Machine. 

Exercise 3. Home owners are constantly investing in the remodeling of their kitchens. You have been hired by Home Depot to write software for home owners to visualize the possibilities of the different styles offered online and their stores. As a team leader of your development group, you have conducted the analysis of a Kitchen Viewer Application (KVA) that allows the user to display wall cabinets, counter, and floor cabinets using the following different styles: Modern Style, Classic Style, Antique Style, and Retro Style. 

You are requested to specify an appropriate interface for KVA. Propose a drawing depicting the interface of KVA presented to the user. Briefly explain the main elements of your interface. What will be the appropriate design pattern that may offer you a framework for implementation KVA? Please note that Home Depot and their competitors are constantly adding new styles to appeal to their customers. Explain your choice.  

Reference no: EM13903067

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