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In the original setting of the Mama John’s pizza, suppose you don’t have any more money to invest after you setup your pizza shop. However, you do have a friend who can donate his old oven to you. It takes 60 minutes to bake a pizza in this old oven. Please draw the flow chart and calculate the cycle time, capacity for your new pizza making process. Please also calculate the utilization for each person and every oven and explain the impact of the old oven to your flow time.

Reference no: EM131275374

Company is producing two products

A company is producing two products A and B. In January, the demand for A is 200 units and that of B is 600 units. The time to produce A is 5 hours/unit and that of B is 1 hou

Compare the handling complaint management

Think of a recent experience in which you had bad customer service and complained about it. Please share how the company handled your complaint and compare the handling "compl

Outline the steps in the design of a quality control system

Outline the steps in the design of a quality control system. These steps can be found in narrative form within section 9.1 of your textbook. Discuss how the steps can lead to

How did the american federation of labor

How did the American Federation of Labor(AFL) ideology differ from the Industrial Workers of the World(IWW) and how did ideologies affect the structure of onion organization?

Collective bargaining agreements be enforced

By what means can collective bargaining agreements be enforced? Discuss the five principles that govern the arbitration of grievances under collective bargaining. What measure

Twenty-first century criminal justice administrators

Give an example of an opportunity and a challenge facing twenty-first century criminal justice administrators. Laub and Sampson identify five aspects to the process of desista

What are the annual cost of the silverware

What are the annual cost of the silverware with an optimal order quantity? What is the total annual cost, including ordering, holding, and purchasing the silverware?

Survey of top executives revealed-what is the probability

A survey of top executives revealed that 33% of them regularly read Time magazine, 21% read Newsweek and 38% read U.S. News & World Report. Eight percent read both Time and U.


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