Draw an amount of money from the bank teller
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Flowcharts are used to plan a computer program.

1. Draw the flowchart of a program that defines the steps to draw an amount of money from the bank teller (not the ATM). First the customer has to provide the ID. Then the teller checks the ID validity, the balance and the bank policy before giving the cash.

2. Write the pseudo code for this program.

3. Write the algorithm for this program.

Question #2

Write a program to calculate the area and the volume of a cuboid (see figure below) using user inputs of length, width and height in meter.
The Volumeis equal to l*w*h. The Area is equal to 2*l*w + 2*w*h + 2*l*h where l, h and w are length, height and width ofcuboid respectively.


Question #3

Write a program to convert the units of temperature between each other. First the program has to provide an option for the user to select the required temperature unit either in C for Celsius, K for Kelvin orF for Fahrenheit. Then, the program asks the user to enter the value of temperature.

Kindly note that C = (F - 32)/1.8 and C =K - 273.15

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This assignment of C++ programming. The first question is to create flow chart and algorithm for the bank teller.The second program find the area and volume of a cuboid for the given length, width and height in meters.The third program is of temperature converter to convert the temperature in Celsius, Fahrenheit, or Kelvin.

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