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Reference no: EM13921332


Reference no: EM13921332

Calculating marginal revenue and optimum price

Suppose you are the manager of a company that produces output in two plants. The demand for your company's product is P = 78 - 15Q, where Q = Q1 + Q2.

The equipment is depreciated on a straight line basis

The equipment is depreciated on a straight-line basis. On January 2, 2012, as a result of additional information, the company determined that the equipment has a remaining use

What changes would you make to help correct the problem

Plant managers often complain that the coal is below grade and causes problems with plant maintenance and efficiency. What do you think is causing this problem? What changes

Determine the variable cost

The peace barber shop employs 4-barbers. One barber, who also serves as the manager, is paid a salary of $1,800 every month. The other barbers are paid 1,300 every month.

Why would bcbs risk paying too much for the medical care

Why do you think RCIPA serves as an intermediary between BCBS and the doctors who care for BCBS's clients? Why would BCBS risk paying "too much" for the medical care of thei

Methods to use for evaluation investment

An analysis of appropriate methods to use for evaluation investment options - benefits and drawbacks of potential investments for each facility to reduce energy consumption

Show graphically the effect of canadian strikes on market

Show graphically the effect of Canadian strikes on the market for nickel. Given the information above, what's the price elasticity of the world demand for nickel over the re

What are the pros and cons of raising the price at bulls eye

BUS640- The manager is unsure of this strategy as recent data points to increasing numbers of individuals shopping more and more. What are the pros and cons of raising the p


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