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I need a conclusion to this: draft and post the conclusion to your research paper. While there is no set word limit for this assignment, your conclusion should provide adequate closure for your paper


It has been observed that in an industry which operates very competitive and also with in a thin profit margin, it is provided that motor carriers have been scrambling to revamp operations so as to survive the recession. Inspire of this aspect, in order to increase the gain without having substantial increase in the cost, the development of ancillary and value added services have been considered as a key element for the success of motor carrier in future year. Moreover, it is provided that an action for the absolute efficiency as well as for high productivity which has been considered as core focus is an absolute requirement since it is not a way for the growth but instead he way to weather the storm.

In addition, it seems that bankruptcies in the manufacturing, retail as well as motor carrier sector have been raised with high level. The impact will be apparent as shippers file with the objective for bankruptcy protection, making the motor carrier with large amount of uncollectable receivables which in turn affect the bottom line of the motor carriers. From the data collected and on the basis of survey it has been found that over 2500 carrier have filed for bankruptcy in year 2015 and there are large number of carriers who have close their business due to non-availability of operating capital and lines of credit have been reduced.

For the satisfaction of the insurer as well as for motor carriers, FBI has announced that they will complete the process for cargo - theft to be considered as separate category for tee crime reporting database. this separate disclosure would result to help law enforcement in order to properly allocate their resources bad consequently would assist the industry like insurance as well as motor carrier to provide better data in order to evaluate the risk.


Yankelewitz, S. (2016). 2008 Review and Look Ahead to 2009 | Central Analysis Bureau, Inc. - Make Better Decisions. Thecabadvantage.com. Retrieved 14 April 2016, from



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Economic recession affected motor carriers industry along with several other industries. Mainly the safety and insurance issues are concerned of great importance. FMCSA, FBI and CAB promoted several concepts and regulations to help up the industry to survive the recession. Here the report discusses the same.

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Catastrophic economic downtown after the election of the Barrack Obama as president of United States of America called for thorough review and analysis of several entities of national industry sector. One such sector deeply affected is motor carriers section. There are several consequences the change has brought here. There is drastic fall in the freight demand after the year 2008. The crisis of credit has affected both the shippers as well as the motor carriers equally. There are several difficulties motor carriers experienced after the recession. It became mandatory for all the industries to keep up the efficiency as well as high productivity as a part of the game plan. Rather than speaking it as a part of core focus, it became a mandatory way of growth after the change in economic turn. The current paper discusses in brief the current economic crisis with particular emphasis to the motor carriers with reference to the insurance and other related issues

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