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For years, a controversy has been brewing over the amount of junk food and soft drinks being sold through vending machines in local schools. Schools benefit from revenue-sharing arrangements, but many parents and health experts are concerned about the negative effects of these snacks and beverages. You and your brother have almost a decade of experience running espresso and juice stands in malls and on street corners, and you'd love to find some way to expand your business into schools. After a quick brainstorming session, the two of you craft a plan that makes good business sense while meeting the financial concerns of school administrators and the nutritional concerns of parents and dietitians. Here are the notes from your brainstorming session:

Set up portable juice bars on school campuses, offering healthy fruit and vegetable drinks along with simple, healthy snacks
Offer schools 30 percent of profits in exchange for free space and long-term contracts
Provide job-training opportunities for students (during athletic events, etc.)
Provide detailed dietary analysis of all products sold
Establish a nutritional advisory board composed of parents, students, and at least one certified health professional
Assure schools and parents that all products are safe (e.g., no stimulant drinks, no dietary supplements)
Support local farmers and specialty food preparers by buying locally and giving these vendors the opportunity to test-market new products at your stands

Your task:

Based on the ideas listed, draft a formal proposal to the local school board, outlining your plan to offer healthier alternatives to soft drinks and prepackaged snack foods. Invent any details you need to complete your proposal.

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