Dolphins like humans-enjoy to play and be free

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Dolphins, like humans, enjoy to play and be free. Dolphins play with each other as they are growing up and even as adults. Scientists have observed them in the wild enjoying games with each other, boats and sometimes trying to engage other animals in their play. Humans are very similar and seek the same kind of freedom which dolphins have, not wanting to solely concentrate on the necessities of life, such as work, education, and providing for oneself and family.

Additionally, dolphins are social creatures, like humans, and live in groups. They work together and play together throughout their lives and do not separate from the group on purpose. Humans are much the same and do not easily separate from their society or culture.

Dolphins fully represent the freedom which humans strive to obtain because they do not seem to have the anxieties and pressures which humans place on themselves or allow others to place on them. Rather dolphins seem to have perfected the balance of play and work to survive and enjoy their life.

Reference no: EM13327562

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