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2. Alcohol is a diuretic agent, which increases urine production by reducing water reabsorption. Normal rate of water reabsorption is about 124 ml/min. Assume that the effect of alcohol on water reabsorption (in ml/min) is given by the following equation.

reabsorption rate after alcohol consumption = 124 - 5* blood alcohol concentration (ml/L)

Assume that filtration in the kidney is not affected by alcohol. How much water should you drink to compensate for water loss after drinking one liter of wine (alcohol concentration 10% by volume)? Assume that all alcohol is immediately absorbed into the body and the volume of distribution for ethanol is 50 L. Also assume that alcohol is filtered in the kidney, but not reabsorbed. How long will it take before 99.9 % of alcohol is removed from the body? Does this time sound reasonable? How much excess urine is produced during this time? 

Reference no: EM13735622

Design a sieve plate column to perform this separation

Design a sieve plate column to perform this separation, for a feed rate of 10,000 kg/hour. Treat the feed as a binary mixture of ethanol and water. Take the feed temperature

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What is the wavelength regime of each of the lithographic techniques listed in Problem 9? (red-visible light, green-visible light, blue light, UV (E=SeV), e-beam (accelerati

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Estimate the heat-transfer coefficient for steam condensing on the outside, and on the inside, of a 25 mm o.d., 21 mm i.d. vertical tube 3.66 m long. The steam condensate ra

Famous new zealand scientist ernest rutherford

6. Famous New Zealand scientist Ernest Rutherford was awarded a Nobel Prize in which field? 7. What is the chemical symbol for gold? 8. K is the chemical symbol for

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The surface of the liquid is at atmospheric pressure and is 10.2 m above the closed outlet at the bottom of the tank. If there is no circulation, what will be the temperatur

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When burnt , the flue gas issuing out of the furnace at 545 oc analyses on dry basis as CO2 =14.5 % , O2 = 4.7%, N2 = 80.8 % , Other relevant data are- Gross

Temperature of the reaction mixture

The heat capacity of thereactants and products are 1.95 kJ/kg-K, the volumetric flow rate is 0.33 m3/hr, and the feedtemperature is 20oC. If the conversion is 95%, calculate

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The Pasuda Porcelain Company is about to launch a new luxury tableware range. The selling price for a set will be £90. To make the range the company has invested £319,000 in


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