Does the video give time to opposing viewpoints

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Watch Ken Burn's The West 03 The Speck Of The Future 1848-1856

Then answer these questions:

1. What is the main argument of the video?

2. Summarize the video from start to finish.

NOTE: Break the film down into sections in your summary and note how the film used evidence such as commentary and multiple perspectives to make its argument.

[300 words]

3. Does the video give time to opposing viewpoints? If so, are opposing viewpoints treated in an equal manner? Why or why not? [150-200 words]

4. How does the documentarian use sounds, video, images, camera movements, etc. to convey their message?

5. How does this video strengthen or undermine what we have discussed or read in class? [250 words]

6. Explain why the video was or was not engaging? Also explain why the video was or was not educationally valuable? [100-150 words]

7. Often when a film ends it leaves you with more questions than answers. Write down two questions you would have liked answered after watching the film.

Reference no: EM132281113

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