Does the resulting zygote fertilized cell

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1- does the resulting zygote fertilized cell have the samegenetic make up as teh parent cells. explain?
2- will the resulting zygote have the same genetic make up asthe zygote produced by your classmates explain
3- name three physical characteristics of the choromosomes thatcan be used in identification

Reference no: EM13531243

List the structures an erythrocyte passes through

List the structures an erythrocyte passes through leaving the veins that drain the brain on the way to the spleen. There are supposed to be 15 structures. I am given brain,

Identifying hydrolytic enzymes

Suppose you poured iodine on your plate and notesed clearing in the uninoculated area, as well as around both of your transferred cultures. What are some possible explanations

Find the t test only for plants not for the incertabrates

To what extent does biodiversity of plants and invertebrates changes according to how much the area is shaded - find the T test only for plants not for the incertabrates - fin

What is the correct structure of the native protein

A protein has a molecular mass of 200 kDa as determined by gel filtration (=native molecular weight). When separated by SDS-PAGE (without a reducing agent present) only one

What of the would be a the best choice of a cloning vector

You want to study the effect of a mutation in your favorite gene in a cell. You do not plan to purify the gene product, just look at the mutation in vivo. What of the follow

What is the genotype to the tall parent

You run a test of a tall pea plant. your results are 135 tall and 2 short. What is the genotype to the tall parent? Prove with a punnett squate.

Medications administration routes

Why is oral administration of a medication the most desirable route? Why can some medications not be given orally? What medications can be divided for doses? What medications

Where the law on stem cells in the united states should go

History of stem cell legislation and how does it compare to comparable statutes in the rest of the world? Talk about what the current legislative state of affairs is and where


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