Does the paper reflect current strategic planning theory

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Does the paper reflect current strategic planning theory and protocols?

Does the paper display a significant level of financial understanding?

Does the paper apply analytical models and decision-making methods to evaluate and solve administrative problems and enhance organizational performance?

Does the paper demonstrate an ability to incorporate into practice exemplary ethical principles leading to sound personal decisions and socially responsible organizational values and practices?

Paper Introduction: Does the introduction adequately support the contents of the paper?

Body of the paper

Is there a natural progression from the introduction thru to the conclusion of the paper?

Does the paper explain how this core course fits it with the other core courses?

Does the paper use strategic planning in the proper context?


Does the conclusion fully summarize the contents of the paper?


Are the references in compliance with the latest APA style manual?

Are references scholarly and sufficient in number to support the paper. There should be no less than 6 scholarly references.

Are sources in the text properly listed on the reference pages, and vice-versa?

Formatting, spelling and grammar

Is the paper free of spelling and grammatical mistakes?

Has the paper been proofread for typing, spelling, and grammatical errors?

Attachment:- msa_601-698_.rar

Reference no: EM131409406

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