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Question : These are some examples as to what I need to capture:

1. Human resource policies: Do the organization''s career development resources address the needs of virtual team members? Does the organizational reward system recognize the efforts and successes of those who work virtually? Are rewards given only for results, or are they also given for effort? Does the organization actively support work arrangements such as telecommuting?

2. Training and development: Is there access to technical training for virtual team members? Is there access to training in the area of working across cultures? Is there a program of ongoing training as needed? Is there a system for sharing what has been learned, such as a database?

3. Standard organizational processes: Are there standard technical processes used throughout the organization (with regard to virtual teams)? Are there standard soft processes used throughout the organization? Does the organization support the ability to adapt processes when necessary? Does the organizational culture support shared ways of doing business across teams?

4. Communication and collaboration technology: Are there consistent standards for electronic communication and collaboration tools across the organization? Does the organization possess or provide enough resources to purchase and support state-of-the-art electronic communication and collaboration technology? Do all employees (across departments and geographic location) have equal access to electronic communication and collaboration technology?

5. Organizational culture: Is there trust between the organization, its partners, and other external stakeholders? Are teamwork and collaboration standard practices? Are people from different cultures valued?

6. Leadership: Do leaders allocate enough resources for the training and technology needed by virtual teams? What level of expectation do leaders set for virtual team performance? Do leaders model exemplary behavior by working across boundaries and using technology effectively?

7. Competence: Are team leaders experienced with working in virtual environments? Are team members experienced with working in virtual team environments? Are team leaders experienced in working across both organizational and cultural boundaries? Are team members experienced in working across both organizational and cultural boundaries?

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Reference no: EM13706020

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