Does the opening paragraph lead smoothly into the thesis

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Review Questions

1. Is the title original? Is the title relevant to the paper content?

2. Does the opening paragraph catch your attention? Does the opening paragraph lead smoothly into the thesis?

3. Is the thesis statement clear and effective? Does the thesis statement accurately capture the overall message of the paper?

4. Does the paper flow well, following your outline. Are there smooth transitions between paragraphs? Is the content organized in a logical way that allows for development of ideas?

5. What mechanical problems do you find? (Spelling, Grammar, Wording, Sentence structure, etc.)

6. Is the content relevant to the topic? Does the content support the thesis of the paper?

7. Does the conclusion effectively summarize the content?

8. Is the paper formatted using proper APA standards (title page, page numbers, etc.)?

9. Are references relevant and credible? Are references listed in proper APA format in a References Page?

10.What further research might help to add more depth to the paper?

Rough Draft/ Electronic Health Records: Are the Benefits Worth the Risk?

Rough Draft

Electronic Health Records: Are the Benefits Worth the Risk?

Billions more were allocated to help train health information technology workers and assist hospitals and providers to adopt these systems. To gain these incentives providers of health care are required to show that they have achieved "meaningful use" of that system regarding improving quality. At a minimum, that will mean having systems capable of e-prescribing, reporting quality data, and exchanging data among providers ("ARRA Hitech," n.d.).I believe that in its haste to adopt electronic health records and gain lucrative incentives, the health care industry has overlooked serious security issues.


ARRA hitech act faq's. (n.d.). Retrieved , from

Fernandez Aleman, J. L. (2013). Security and privacy in electronic health records: A systematic literature review. The Journal of Biomedical Informatics, 46(3), 541-562.

Reference no: EM131322531

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