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Davis and Shipman founded a partnership under the name of Shipman & Davis Lumber Company. Seven years later, the partnership was dissolved by written agreement. Notice of the dissolution was published in a newspaper of general circulation in Merced County, where the business was conducted. No actual notice of dissolution was given to firms that had previously extended credit to the partnership. By the dissolution agreement, Shipman, who was to continue the business, was to pay all of the partnership's debts. He continued the business as a sole proprietorship for a short time until he formed a successor corporation, Shipman Lumber Servaes Co.

After the partnership's dissolution, two firms that previously had done business with the partnership extended credit to Shipman for certain repair work and merchandise. The partnership also had a balance due to Valley Company for prior purchases.

Five months later, two checks were drawn by Shipman Lumber Servaes Co. and accepted by Valley as partial payment on this debt. Credit Bureaus of Merced County, as assignee of these three accounts, sued the partnership as well as Shipman and Davis individually. Does the dissolution of the partnership relieve Davis of personal liability for the accounts? Explain.

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