Does such a relationship always have to be mandatory

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Give an example of a 1(full):1 relationship? Does such a relationship always have to be mandatory? Explain with examples.

Reference no: EM132184012

Good methods of monitoring

What are the tools and ways that project managers monitor and control projects? What are good methods of monitoring? How important is it to monitor the costs of a project? W

Collective bargaining agreement with a grievance procedure

As an employee, would you rather work under a collective bargaining agreement with a grievance procedure in a union setting or in a non-union setting with a company-establis

Compare a filtering firewall to a proxy firewall

Compare a filtering firewall to a proxy firewall in terms of protection against spoofing attacks,. Assume a configuration as in Figure 8.21, where the internal host under at

Foreign direct investment in china

Please read "Country Focus: Foreign Direct Investment in China" (on page 247 in 7th edition and on page 223 in 8th edition). In the late 1970s, China opened its doors to for

What is the price elasticity

Please explain how you got the answer to this question! You have the following demand for a pack of cigarettes: Q=200- 0.30P with the average quantity of 3 packs and average

What type of option position is appropriate

What does it mean to assert that the theta of an option position is -0.1 when time is measured in years? If a trader feels that neither a stock price nor its implied volatil

Plot the minimum theoretical operating cost for each day

A heat pump maintains a dwelling at temperature T when the outside temperature averages 5°C. The heat transfer rate through the walls and roof is 2000 kJ/h per degree of tem

Develop a new centralized system

A text message to customers who are overdue for more than 3 days is generated every day. The current system is run on old standalone PCs that are not connected in a central


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