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Coach Steroid likes his players to be big, fast, and obedient. If player A is better than player B in two of these three characteristics, then Coach Steroid prefers A to B, but if B is better than A in two of these three characteristics, then Steroid prefers B to A. Otherwise, Steroid is indifferent between them. Wilbur Westinghouse weighs 340 pounds, runs very slowly, and is fairly obedient. Harold Hotpoint weighs 240 pounds, runs very fast, and is very disobedient. Jerry Jacuzzi weighs 150 pounds, runs at average speed, and is extremely obedient. Does Steroid prefer Westinghouse or Hotpoint?

Does Steroid prefer Hotpoint or Jacuzzi? Does Steroid prefer Westinghouse or Jacuzzi?

Will Steroid have any problem choosing one player out of the three? Why/Why not? What property is violated?

Reference no: EM131241661

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