Does she have a vitamin c deficiency

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Gina is a college sophomore on a tight budget. An analysis of her diet shows that she consumes less than the RDA for vitamin C and more than the RDA for thiamin. Does she have a vitamin C deficiency? Is she at risk of thiamin toxicity? What other factors need to be considered before you can draw any conclusions about her nutritional status?

Reference no: EM1399015

Explain you think that humans could be considered replicator

Explain whether you think that humans could be considered replicators? Why or why not? I would also like you to answer this question: If humans are replicators, what purpose

How much additive genetic variance

Both directional and stabilizing selection affect the additive variance in quantitative traits. Given their effects, how much additive genetic variance do we expect to find

Possible causes of parkinson disease and alzheimer disease

What are some possible causes of Parkinson disease and Alzheimer disease? What are some treatment options, if any? List the functional regions of the frontal, parietal, occip

How to apply kantian and utilitarian theories

How to apply Kantian and Utilitarian theories to the situation that existed at Memorial Medical Center in the days immediately after Hurricane Katrina, was Dr. Anna Pou's tr

Explain how extremophiles represent examples

Present your view of the early conditions on earth that might have affected the traits of organisms living in that environment and how life may have formed. Explain how e

What is the voltage of a cell that has these values

Use the Goldman equation and the Goldman equation simulator to answer the following questions. When answering %u201CWhy%u201D questions, do so in one-two sentences.

Show movement of electrons and hydrogens

If some cell-surface receptors, including cytokine receptors and notch, can rapidly signal to the nucleus by activating latent transcription regulators at the plasma membrane,

Enzymes and temperature

Describe the relationship between temperature and the enzymatic activity of lactase. Of the three temperatures tested, which is the optimal temperature for enzyme activity?


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