Does secondhand smoke cause cancer

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Choose a controversial issue. For the purposes of this assignment, it is best if you do not feel strongly about the issue because you need to be objective about the good reasons for both sides. 

Write your issue in question form, so you can clearly see the pro and con sides of the issues by answering yes or no to the question. For example, you might write "Does secondhand smoke cause cancer?" Those who answer yes are on the pro side of this issue; those who say no are on the con side. 

Conduct research using the Virtual Library and/or the Internet and find eight sources. Four should be pro and four should be con. Following this, study the research you compiled and choose three reasons for supporting the pro side of the issue and three reasons for supporting the con side. Discuss the reasons for each side, using evidence to support each reason. 

Finally, take a position on the issue and state why you found the reasons for that position to be more credible. Acknowledge the strengths of the other side and also explain why you found your chosen side's position to be stronger. In addition, comment on what you learned in the process of studying both sides of an issue. 

At the bottom of your document, include your sources. Also, be sure to use paragraphs; your assignment should contain more than one paragraph.  

Reference no: EM13230545

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