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Below are three UNRELATED EXAMPLES of how to cite within a paragraph in APA format. You need to cite resources in your paper to support and justify your thinking:

Haag and Cummings (2013) stated that employee turnover in companies averages 38% across the nation.

According to the authors, employee turnover contributes to loss of both revenue and customers (Haag & Cummings, 2013).

Other management specialists argue that "...employee turnover is rooted in flawed hiring practices that fail to match the knowledge, skills and abilities of job applicants with the required job duties" (Haag & Cummings, 2013, p. 29).

Description of the Organization

• Provide a brief description of the organization and industry:

Strategic Planning Processes

• Description of the organization's strategic planning process: Include the role of human resource management (HRM). Does the HR function participate in the strategic planning process?

• Description of HRM strategic planning process: Provide a brief description of the current human resource management function or department. How do HRM programs align with the strategic plan of the organization?

Analysis of Alignment and Recommendations for Change

• Analysis of alignment challenges: Describe and explain any areas in your organization experiencing challenges with HR alignment that need to be addressed.

• Recommendations for change: Based your analysis of alignment challenges, research, and readings on strategic choices available to management, propose three primary recommendations.

Do not forget to include your references in APA format. You will need to write the references to any resources that you cite in your Assignment. Below are examples of references, including your course text.


Stewart, G. L. (2014). Human resource management: Linking strategy to practice (3rd ed.). New York, NY: Wiley.
Note: These reference sources are for example only. The information was created to demonstrate proper formatting of the reference list.

Ismail, A., Mohamad, M. H., Mohamed, H. A.-B., Rafiuddin, N. M., & Zhen, K. W. P. (2010). Transformational and transactional leadership styles as a predictor of individual outcomes. Theoretical and Applied Economics, 17(6), 89-104.

Porter, E. (2014, May 13). The politics of income inequality. The New York Times. Retrieved from
Walmart. (n.d.) Our business. Retrieved from

Reference no: EM131105763

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