Does everything have a price

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Define the Say's law and give your interpretation.

Does everything have a price? Are there some things you would not do regardless of the price? (Remember: prices and money are not synonyms; prices may be non-monetary.) Economist see price as an "opportunity cost" every choice has an opportunity cost therefore a price.

Reference no: EM131326719

Why economist james believes that expectations are sluggish

Economist Milton believes that expectations of inflation change quickly in response to new policies, whereas economist James believes that expectations are very sluggish. Wh

Different prices to different customers for the same good

Price Discrimination (PD) occurs "when a firm charges different prices to different customers for the same good". Explain under what conditions PD is possible and profitable

Productivity increase and poverty decrease

Connor knows that the two 'P' represent the key to sustained economic development for low income countries. The two 'P' are labour productivity growth and poverty decrease.

What was its charge for depreciation and amortization

earson Brothers recently reported an EBITDA of $16.5 million and net income of $2.8 million.  It had $2.0 million of interest expense, and its corporate tax rate was 30%.  Wha

Opinion regarding our antitrust laws

What is your opinion regarding our antitrust laws? Should they even exist? If so, what should the threshold be? Size/structure alone? Or is a rule of reason more appropr

Explain type of services provided by a financial institution

Carson Company is attempting to compare their services offered by different banks as it would like to have all services provided by one bank. Explain the different types of

Compute the excess reserve-multiplier of money

Suppose that all other banks hold only the required amount of reserves. If Nan Bank Inc. decides to reduce its reserves to only the required amount, by how much would the ec

Analyze complexities of one of production strategies issues

Next, consider operational issues in the U.S. market and analyze the complexities of one of these following issues: Production strategies and Accessing physical resources and


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