Does a contract exist between jeff and brenda

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Jeff says to Brenda, ‘‘I offer to sell you my PC for $900.''

Brenda replies, ‘‘If you do not hear otherwise from me by Thursday, I have accepted your offer.'' Jeff agrees and does not hear from Brenda by Thursday. Does a contract exist between Jeff and Brenda? Explain.

Reference no: EM131377628

What time management techniques you will use to achieve task

What time management techniques you will use to achieve your task. How you will use technology to assist you. A timetable for four weeks showing how your time is allocated.

Discuss the validity and effect

Johnson and Wilson were the principal shareholders in XYZ Corporation, located in the city of Jonesville, Wisconsin.- Discuss the validity and effect, if any, of this agreemen

What is coso and why is it important

What is COSO, and why is it important? Search the Internet for the term "Treadway Commission." What was the Treadway Commission, and what is its major legacy in the field of

General manager of a division of global operations

Jose is a general manager of a division of Global Operations. In that capacity, he knows that his company is planning on making layoffs soon. Juan, a good friend in another

Out-patient treatment at alcohol rehabilitation facilities

FACTS Belton Kleberg Johnson was a descendant of the founders of the King Ranch, a famous ranch in Texas that dates back to the 1850s. He was married three times and had thr

Trade conference on the subject of globalization

Your team attends a trade conference on the subject of globalization. They have attended several seminars both advocating and dismissing implementing a global strategy. You

What is charismatic leadership

What is charismatic leadership? Explain what is meant by the statement that charismatic leaders use active impression management with their followers to support their image.

Determine the environmental factors

Determine the environmental factors which are most likely to influence the future success of the chosen business.Explain what you would do to ensure the success of your busine


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