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1. We must document all parts of the staffing process...including the reasons behind the final hiring decision. This must be clear. Should we take the time to tell external candidates why they were not selected...or does that open the door to trouble for the organization?

2. Let's say that we have an advisory interview team made up of future co workers for the vacant position. How do we collect their input and "value" the input in the final hiring decision?

3. Is there some way to make the orientation process "fun" and at least an enjoyable experience or does it have to be dull? Could some gamification be brought into the process to make the who thing more interesting and perhaps more memorable?

4. Is there some way to coordinate the orientation that comes from the manager and the parts that come from HR and other parts of the organization?

Reference no: EM131091017

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From the e-Activity, determine which type of cooperative strategy would most benefit the two companies you researched. Provide specific examples to support your response.

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Problem of involuntary unemployment

According to classical economists, wage cut was viewed as the best policy to solve the problem of involuntary unemployment. However, Keynes denounced the classical notion. O

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This final paper addresses the organization's responsibility to society. Your organization is using "sweat shops" oversee to generate higher profit margins. As an executive

Consumers of the dark side of gray market retailing

Assuming that you are a consultant of a famous computer company, what are your recommendations for the firm to be able to combat gray market activities? Could the company co

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How would you conduct a needs assessment to determine if new leaders are starting their jobs without the necessary knowledge and skills to perform well.


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