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Describe how a budget constraint of a house hold in a two-period model is affected by each of the following changes. In each case, do you think the household is better off , or worse off, or is it ambiguous. What does the answer depend on? A. Period 1 income is lower. B. The interest rate is higher. C. Period 2 income is lower, adn the interest rate is lower.

Reference no: EM13201945

Consumption at equilibrium level of income

Suppose planned investment falls by 100. Graphically illustrate using the AE-Y graph the effects of this reduction in planned investment on the economy. Also calculate the n

How to produce goods that consumers want

Automobile manufacturers produce a range of automobiles such as sports utility vehicles, luxury sedans, pickup trucks and compact cars. What fundamental economic question ar

What is the opportunity cost

Alpha and Beta, two tiny islands off the east coast of Tricoli, produce pearls and pineapples. The production-possibilities schedules in the table below describe their poten

Profit maximizing quantity and price

Suppose the monopolist charges a single-price for its product. Given this assumption, find the answers to the following questions: a. What is the profit maximizing quantity

Cashews make up what percent of the new and improved can

Acme sells cans of mixed nuts. A typical can has 100 nuts. In the past, 5% of the nuts were cashews, but now Acme is advertising that its new and improved can of mixed nuts ha

List characteristics of a purely competitive market

ECP 2023, Spring 2014: With reference to a diagram, show and explain how a market, left on its own, will tend toward an equilibrium in which there is neither a surplus nor a s

Can the horizontal sum of marginal cost curves of the firm

Assume that the potato chip industry in the Northwest in 2007 was competitively structured and in long-run competitive equilibrium; firms were earning a normal rate of retur

The base if the policy makers to determine the amount

How should policy makers determine the amount of money that should be allocated for research curing heart disease? they should base their decision on the value of the total be


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