Do you think that we all experience different realities

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1) Do you think that we all experience different realities? Some of you discussed this topic during the initial lecture, but have you developed any new insights as we have progressed through this course?

2) Is our reality formed by our ever-changing perceptions?

3) Comment upon Plato" Cave. What relevance does this allegory have for you today regarding reality, perception and the ascent to knowledge?

4) Comment upon the idea that our lives should be a life long process of self realization and discovery, trying to find "eudaimonia," as Aristotle believes.

Reference no: EM13273448

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How would you compare the ideas of Bloom's Taxonomy and Critical Thinking? How does curiosity fit in with Critical Thinking?

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Knowing how to thoroughly research a topic is extremely important while achieving your education. You may be asked to support your information with peer-reviewed scholarly r

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How do Artefacts give an insight to the organisation's culture? give 2 examples by acdescribing the artefacts of at least two organisations and relating them to the culture

Imagine yourself a medieval wanderer

2. Imagine yourself a medieval wanderer on a pilgrimage to a sacred site with a very important relic. Describe the site you are visiting (the style of the church, its interior


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