Do you think a different philosophy would have been better

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1. Although we discussed several sources of security threats, we did not exhaust all. There are many such sources. Name and discuss five.

2. We pointed out that the design philosophy of the Internet infrastructure was partly to blame for the weaknesses and hence a source of security threats. Do you think a different philosophy would have been better? Comment on your answer.

Reference no: EM131321891

Organizations of acceptable use policy

An Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) is a very important policy within organizations to define acceptable employee behavior when accessing company resources. Additionally, there a

Design the logic for an application that reads in the name

Design the logic for an application that reads in the name of an item ordered by a customer and outputs either the correct price or the message "Sorry, we do not carry that.

Outlining the key ideas and the sequence

First of all, you are to prepare a background paper on your overall topic, briefly outlining the key ideas and the sequence of learning from Foundation Year to Year 7, but f

Implications of answer for the entrepreneur

Do you believe that the laws should be changed to make it easier for entrepreneurs to go into, and recover from, bankruptcy? What are the implications of your answer for the

Provide no language support for concurrency

Many programming languages, especially older ones, provide no language support for concurrency. C and C++ are examples of such languages. Is it essential that a language inc

Important properties of relations

1. Summarize six important properties of relations. 2. Describe two properties that each candidate key must satisfy. 3. Demonstrate each of the anomaly types wi

Shell script programming tips

A great opportunity for us to share what we know and discuss some of our shell script programming tips with each other. For this discussion, compile a list of at least 10 shel

What kind of bias may be present here

If we combine them, considering the overall group to be one larger random sample of 1020 respondents, what is a 95% confidence interval for the proportion of the general pub


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