Do you buy the vehicle or do you lease the vehicle

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In order to provide you an opportunity to strengthen your presentation skills, you will complete this week's written assignment in the form of a PowerPoint presentation. You will design a decision tree that would be used in making a decision. This decision can be one you need to make currently, in the future, or one from your past. You will use the template provided. You may need to add/remove branches in order to fit in to your scenario.

Some suggestions:

• Determining completing a degree or working full time in your field of choice.

• You want a new car. Do you buy the vehicle or do you lease the vehicle?

• You are behind in your schoolwork but you are giving the opportunity to go out on a Friday night. What do you decide?


Title slide should include: Problem title and Name.

Decision Tree slide include: All possible outcomes to your problem.

• Remember to use the colors (yellow, red, and green) as you see fit for your problem and possible outcomes.

• Remember to tile each box accordingly.

• Finally in the Notes Tab answer the following questions:

o What was your solution or best strategic outcome for your problem (EMV)?
o Does your decision tree guarantee success? Why or Why not?
o Are there any other possible outcomes that you might need to include that would change your EMV decision?

Reference no: EM131002522

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