Do you believe the poor are victims

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Sociology- are poor victims

Do you believe the poor are victims? If so explain why? Or do you believe the poor have chosen not to rise themselves from poverty? If so, what sociological factors would explain this choice? 2 pages MLA with citation/references

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The article discusses whether the sociological factors are responsible for the people to be poor. The article insists that the people themselves are responsible for their state and socio-economic causes are not to blame. Some significant factors are discussed in detail such as illiteracy, economic and cultural background, and why they do not hinder the growth of a person. The article gives some examples and references, to support the discussion, and concludes by stressing on the fact that is the people are ambitious, believe that they deserve a better life and work hard in that direction with hope and faith, then social issues do not bother their progress.

Reference no: EM131268276

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