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A 2004 study by the american society for qualityinvestigated executives views toward quality. Top executivewere asked whether theyview quality as a profession in the way law,medicine, engineering and accounting are viewed, or whether theysee practicing quality more as the ability to understand and use avariety of tools and techniques to produce a results. Table 1provides the responses to this question, cross-classified by thetype of industry with which the executive is involved. Asecond queston asked whether their companies actually measure theimpact of process improvement initiatives designed to raise thequality of their products or services. Table 2 provides theresults of this question.
1. Do you believe that quality is a profession?
                       Manufacturing                       Service                      Healthcare
Yes                     108                                       88                                49
No                       72                                     132                                 50
2. Does your company measure the impact of process improvementinitatives?
                       Manufacturing                         Service                      Healthcare
Yes                       132                                     129                               54
No                         48                                      91                              46
a. Is there a significant difference among the threeindustries with respect to the proportion of top executives whobelieve quality is a profession ( use α = 0.05)

Reference no: EM13338064

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