Do the researh on the item of your chose origin

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The research paper is on anything that began as science fiction and is now a reality today. You can choose your on subject such as laser items from science fiction television or comic books to what we now are seeing today. Do the researh on the item of your chose origin and then show how far we have come to it being a reality. The paper must be in APA format and have 5 pages of research.

Reference no: EM131095697

Reconstruction of the south after the civil war

In your Reconstruction of WILLOWDALE PLANTATION in Georgia, name 5 measures you have implemented to create a safe, free, and prosperous community among the ex-slaves and the

Humanistic perspective and the sociocultural perspective

What sort of explanation for this behavior would the proponents of each perspective on abnormality provide: the medical perspective, the psychoanalytic perspective, the beha

How the five-s concept could be used to redesign the job

From your own experience or through research, select a job that has a high risk of serious injury or fatality. Discuss how the 5S concept could be used to redesign the job a

What value does program and interventions bring to agency

What value does the program and interventions bring to the agency? What ethical concerns might materialize in the implementation of the program, and how will you address them

Prepare a draft annotated bibliography

Prepare a draft annotated bibliography. Select a topic (ask for topic once selected). Select 10 articles for the bibliography. The bibliography must have 10 entries critical

Physiological term in terms of platelets-neurotransmitters

List and explain three medical conditions that result in increased mortality with clinical depression. What is the physiological explanation in terms of platelets and neurot

How would you effectively reach employees with your message

Let's brainstorm, if you were the CEO and were designing a communication plan what would be some of the key elements that would be in your plan? How would you effectively r

How will one see children playing in your classroom

Why is play significant for children's learning and development? How will one see children playing in your classroom? What curriculum goals can be reached through this type of


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