Dna sequence at the end of the amplification

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What would the PCR product be for the following DNA sequence at the end of the amplification? indicate the polarities of the product in your answer.

NOTE: this sequence does not start with AUG


Reference no: EM132280248

Replicated sister group comparison of species richness

The method of replicated sister-group comparison of species richness has been used to implicate certain adaptive characteristics as contributors to higher species richness.

What things may correlate, but not be causal

Foot size correlates positively with math skills. This is because younger children have tiny feet and do not know math. Correlation does not mean causation. What things may

Diagnosis of altered mental status

The diagnosis of altered mental status is general rather than exact. There are several specific sources for altered mental status. Choose three different diagnoses that are

Show the expected genotypic and phenotypic ratios

A dominant allele, B, Causes blaze, a white forelock of hair in humans. The recessive allele fr albinism, a, prevents the formation of melanin in any part of the body, so th

Clarify the difference in their efforts to collect oxygen

Clarify the difference in their efforts to collect oxygen. Polychaetes have lateral, fleshy parapodia beset with numerous setae, and well developed head appendages such as jaw

What is the role of chloroplast-chromoplast in plant cell

What is the role of the chloroplast and the chromoplast in a plant cell? List two difference betwen animal and plant cells. why is it necessary to apply stains to animal cells

Stranded on an unchartered island

If you were stranded on an unchartered island, why would it be important not to drink salt water from the ocean? What will occur if you drink too much salt water? How does

Problem regarding the chromogenic methods

Molecular motors are ATPases that use energy of hydrolysis of ATP to generate a motive (movement) force. Hydrolysis of ATP results in the production of ADP and inorganic ph


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