Diversity should be welcomed unconditionally

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When body odor is not covered by ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act), do you think that employers have the right to discriminate against employees, current or potential, for having body odor? Why or why not? (b) If you were the CEO of a major corporation and if you were looking for someone to hire as your R&D director, is it ok for you to hire your best friend's niece? Why or why not? (c) Let us pretend, now, that your best friend's niece is indeed the best possible choice--over any other candidate. Is it ok now to hire your best friend's niece? Why or why not? (d) What do you think about the phrase, "Diversity should be welcomed unconditionally?"

Reference no: EM132233788

Explain four criticisms of the strategic planning process

List and explain four criticisms of the strategic planning process, as discussed in the lecture. Which of the criticisms do you see as key for all organizations to overcome? W

Are there other organizational ideas worth considering

In what ways is Ms. Baresak correct? In what ways is Mr. Frankson correct? If you were Ms. Baresak, how would you sell your idea to Mr. Frankson? Are there other organizationa

Experiencing declining donations

The United Way agency in your town has contacted you because it has been experiencing declining donations. You tell the agency that your basic plan to determine why donations

Write a summary that describes the website information

learning objectives for this module. Then write a summary describing how the website provided you with information for your game plan to obtain your management position.Form

What is the break-even point of the current process

What is the break-even point of the current process? What is the net income with the current process if 8,000 cups of coffee are sold per year? Explain the different types of

Describe ethical dilemmas situations

Ethical dilemmas are situations that do not seem to present clear choices between right and wrong or good and evil. State whether you agree or disagree with the following st

Forecast for september percent of capacity

A dry cleaner uses exponential smoothing to forecast equipment usage at its main plant. August usage was forecasted to be 50 percent of capacity; actual usage was 53 percent o

Back to the future-calculate two forecasts

D. Your firm provides flux capacitors for the “Back to the Future” DeLoreans. Calculate two forecasts: One using the naïve method with trending and the other using four-period


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