Diversity management challenges managers
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Organizational Changes

In this paper, I will discuss how diversity management challenges managers and whether the necessary change management process to alter workplace behaviors would significantly improve overall organizational effectiveness. The focus of the organization described in this paper includes examples and situations based on a typical corporation that has employees whom had been impacted by recent diversity conflicts and morale issues. The changes the organization will undergo will include changes to organizational polices and procedures, strategies to increase participation, and implementation of effective and sound diversity training.

The success rate for implementing major organizational change is low, for several reasons. Initially, asking organizations to change the way they conduct their business is similar to asking individuals to change their lifestyle. It can be done but only with the greatest determination, regulation, determination, commitment, and a clear plan for implementing the change.

Second, resistance to change is a natural response to something that we are unfamiliar with and have never experienced before. All people resist change, some more than others. Managing that resistance is an important part of the process.

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