Diversity and cultural competency
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Kingdon, John W. (1999) America the Unusual. New York: Worth Publishers

Select two news stories about public policy (these can be at the state, local, national or international level). You will critically analyze each of these stories on at least three aspects of the policy process covered in online lectures or the readings to date.

The aspects you choose to use can be different for each story. Potential angles for your analysis include but are not limited to:

• Steps in the policy process-which steps have been concluded? What issues have arisen in the process? Which step is it at now?

• Players in the process-who is involved both inside and outside of government? Who are the stakeholders? What is the balance of power among the players? What are their interests?

• Kingdon's three streams-which stream or streams are reflected? What is the relationship among them? Is there coupling? Who are the policy entrepreneurs?

• Values and public policy-which values are reflected? Are there competing values? Which seem to be taking precedence?

• Diversity and cultural competency-what issues related to diversity and cultural competency are at play? Are such issues even being considered?

Your assignment will take the form of a mini-lecture you create using Powerpoint (Slides and Narration). Your lecture should include a brief introduction to each policy story you are analyzing and then your analysis of each as described above.

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