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You are the VP of Operations for your company and own all of your company’s operations/supply chain (R&D, Planning, Procurement, Manufacturing, Inventory Control, Warehousing/ Distribution/ Transportation, and Customer Service). You are now 3 years into the 5-10 year Strategic Management Process and the company has delivered on a number of the Corporate level Objectives and Goals. The changes that impact you follow:

Your company has acquired the cracker business.

Your company has made the decision to expand into a second soup, 10 oz cans of tomato soup.

Your company now sells their products in China.

Your Operations/Supply Chain organization has been successful at consolidating your plants and you now have only 4 plants, East Coast US, Central US, West Coast US and China.

You have been successful at reducing Costs of Goods Sold (COGS) by 5%, but you still have 5% more to accomplish.

Top line revenues have grown 3% primarily due to our expansion into China, but we still have 7% to accomplish.

Other changes that have taken place over the last 3 years are:

Your chicken noodle manufacturing lines at your 4 plants have had a production/efficiency problem. They are currently producing only at 90% of their standard production rate, or what they have historically averaged over the past 5 years.

Quality issues with your chicken noodle soup product are on the rise, surpassing anything you have experienced since their inception.

It is your responsibility to determine how your company will manufacture these new products while at the same time continuing to reduce costs and deal with the quality and production efficiency problems.

There are no formatting requirements. Your assignment is to explain in 3 pages (or less):

How you would go about dealing with the changes, new opportunities and issues above

You do not necessarily have to solve the new opportunities and problems, but instead just tell me how you would go about it.

Reference no: EM13821944

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