Distribution of wealth and property in its political thought

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How does Plato deal with the distribution of wealth and property in its political thought? What problems arise from the love of wealth or the unequal distributions of wealth? How does Plato propose to correct these problems and how does he justify these corrective measures?

Reference no: EM13519330

Are you pleased with your result why or why not

Are you pleased with your result? Why or why not? What listening problems did you have with the video clip? (accent, speed, vocabulary, content depth, background, etc.) List

What are some of the factors that affect social mobility

How does the media reflect attitudes on gender as far as depicting women and men in very traditional roles? Provide two detailed examples that substantiate your points—these c

Addressing health promotion for nation

Choose one of the listed health indicators and explore possible barriers that may influence successful health promotion among communities.

What are your thoughts on personality testing

What are your thoughts on personality testing in the workplace? Is it worthwhile or too intrusive? Do you think that personality testing in the workplace is a legitimate str

Explain the process of restorative justice

CJS/251- Explain the process of restorative justice and why it is used in the criminal justice system. Explain how the damage of a crime can go beyond the immediate victim.

How violent movies affect our children at the early stages

The problem is from Sociology and it is describe a research proposal that identifies the link between violent movies affecting children from an early stage in life and also

Compare and contrast mass marketing-individual customization

Compare and contrast mass marketing and individual customization. discuss the major variables that are often used to segment customer markets, and review the factors that make

Identify the independent and dependent variables

What were some variables the researchers controlled in their study? Why was this necessary? What evidence do the researchers offer as a test of their hypothesis? Is this evide


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