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1. Muscles differentiate from which tissues? ectoderm, endoderm,or mesoderm
2. The distribution of the human population in the United States is?
3. Population size depends upon?
4. A population that is growing exponentially in the absence of limiting factors can be illustrated by which curve?
5. Which is an example of a habitat?
6. All of the populations of different species that occupy and are adapted to a given area are referred to by which term?
7. The weakest symboiotic attachment, in which one species simply lives in the presence of another species that is relatively unaffected, is called?
8. Which of the correct meaning of "to feed"?
9. Detritivores are?
10. The amount of ultraviolet radiation hitting the Earth's surface is greatly reduced by which gas in the atmosphere?
11. In brown air frog, which substance combines with nitrogen dioxide in the sunlight to form photochemical smog?
12. Phermones are advantageous because.
They work in the dark, They are often unique to individual species, Only small amounts are needed, or They do not trigger a response in other species.
13. Which of the following are disadvantages to sociality?
Predator avoidance, cannibalism, food depletion, contagious disease, or parasite infestation.

Reference no: EM13526884

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