Distribution-how will you distribute the product

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Consider the areas below as you address these questions. Condense the key information in a solid paragraphs focusing on the specific information pertaining to your NAB (Non Alcoholic Beverage) Company.


Describe the day-to-day functions of your company. How will you run your business? Consider the following areas:

1. Facilities

2. Production process: how will you produce the product?

3. Inventory control- how much inventory you will have

4. Distribution- how will you distribute the product

5. Customer service- how will you handle customers and returns

6. Research and Development- how will you improve the product and how will you continue to search for new combinations/ flavors.

Reference no: EM132234374

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What is the one most important Primary Activity in InterfaceRAISE’s Value Chain and why? Differentiate the Strategic and Financial objectives of JetBlue Airways? What are the


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