Distinguish between a pour plate and spread plate

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1. What is the significance or value of an isolated colony?
2. Why do we use techniques designed to provide isolatedcolonies?
3. Distinguish between a pour plate and spread plate, and what isthe purpose of each?
4. What are some purpose or value to using broth versus agar slantsto culture bacteria?

Reference no: EM13528781

How natural selection works

Huntington's disease affects individuals late into adulthood. Given what you know about how Natural Selection works, explain why Huntington's disease hasn't been eradicated

The ricardian model of comparative advantage argues

The Ricardian model of comparative advantage argues that every country must have a comparative advantage in some product (assuming there are more products than countries), thu

Destruction of the hair bulb would result

Destruction of the hair bulb would result in it's inability to do which of the following? A. Produce goose bumps B. Grow C. Resist drying D. Produce Oil E. Produce perspiratio

Shape and topology of the plasmid

After extracting pure DNA, you store and handle it carelessly and the plasmid backbone is nicked substantially. How does it change the shape and topology of the plasmid?

What factors may enhance or reduce the probability

Describe how vestigial structures provide clues about a species' evolutionary past. Illustrate the argument with vestigial structures found in humans or other real species.

Proportion of lung cancer attributable to smoking

Draw up a clearly labelled and appropriate 2 x 2 table to show these data. How many times more likely was a smoker to develop lung cancer than a non-smoker?

Describe various microorganisms that cause foodborne illness

NS305-2: Describe the various microorganisms that cause foodborne illness. How the foodborne illness is transmitted. Foods commonly linked with the foodborne illness. Identify

Find three differences between these polymers

Microfilaments and microtubules have similarities and differences in their structures and mechanisms of polymerization. Please list 3 similarities and 3 differences between


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