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Suppose a ship is sailing at a rate of 20km/h parellel to a straight shoreline. The ship is 8km from shore when it passes a lighthouse @ 1PM?

a) Let h be the distance between the lighthouse and the ship. Let d be the distance from the ship has travelled since 1pm. Express h as a function of d.

b) Express d as a function of t, the time elapsed since 1pm.

Reference no: EM131108766

Center of mass of the solid bounded

Find the center of mass of the solid bounded above by z=4 , on the sides by z=seq root of 25-x^2-y^2, and outside the cylinder x^2+y^2=16 . (density = seq root x^2 +y^2)

Magnitude of the velocity of the particle

Find the magnitude of the velocity of the particle for the specific value of t.The magnitude is approximately nothing.(Type an integer or decimal rounded to two decimal plac

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Payments of $360 are made into a fund at the end of every three months for twelve years. The fund earns interest at 7% compounded quarterly. a) What will be the balance in t

Display the number of scores

Write a C++ program that uses a do or a while loop that has the user enter golf scores, terminated by a zero. After the zero has been entered, display the number of scores e

Question regarding the branch locations

The ABC Inc. is planning to lease a 1000 Kbps (1 Mbps) frame relay connection between two PBXs from two branch locations. On the connection, 240 call attempts with an averag

Requirements for a banking application

A bank account has an account number, an opening date and a balance. There are two types of accounts: checking and saving. An account must be at least either saving or check

Definition of the university system

Describe the activities that are required in each of the steps of the modeling and simulation process that estimates the utilization of the scarcest resource in your definit

Formula for the minimum number of cuts

Cutting a stick, A stick n inches long needs to be cut into n 1-inch pieces. Outline an algorithm that performs this task with the minimum number of cuts if several pieces o


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