Distance between a sample proportion and the true proportion

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A two-standard-deviation interval is called the margin of sampling error (or the margin of error or the sampling error) by most pollsters.

a. In repeated sampling, how often will the distance between a sample proportion and the true proportion be less than the margin of error?

b. Using the class dot plots constructed earlier in this lesson, count the number of times a sample proportion is less than two standard deviations from the true proportion for each plot. Do the results agree with your answer to part a?

Reference no: EM131412194

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1. Consider an in?nite server queuing system in which customers arrive in accordance with a Poisson process with rate λ, and where the service distribution is exponential with

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Compute the standard error of estimate

A sample of 400 tickets has 72% 1's. What percentage of the entire box do you expect to be 1's? What is the standard error of your estimate?

Give a 95 percent lower confidence interval

The PCB concentration of a fish caught in Lake Michigan was measured by a technique that is known to result in an error of measurement that is normally distributed with a st

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The process is monitored using a sample size of 20. Calculate the upper and lower control limits. Give your answers to 2 decimal places.

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One of the non-destructive tests (NDTs) for assessment of the integrity of concrete structures is ultrasonic pulse velocity testing. The test can signal that a concrete sect

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A computer manufacturer estimates that its line of mini- computers has, on average, 8.4 days of downtime per year. To test this claim, a researcher contacts seven companies


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