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Case study: "true home dreams"

The 'True Home Dreams' Group of companies are leaders in the production of home building products and paints and plastering services. The company was recently sued by a former employee. The claim related to the continuous contact with hazardous and toxic chemicals, which had given the employee a long term sickness. The victimised employee has taken a strong case against the company which leads to a lot of negative publicity for the organisation.

Various stakeholders are now pressuring the company to set up a long-term compensation fund for other victims of these toxic chemicals. In response to the strong response of stakeholders, the top management of the 'True Dream World' has finalised to rule out a strategy/system for managing these kinds of situations and a procedure to compensate the victims.

You have been appointed as an external specialist and delegated the responsibility of managing knowledge and information in relation to:

Obtaining and analysing information and knowledge on identified business issues;

Take a decision about the amount of funds required to establish a long-term fund;

Disseminate information to the organisation

Explain in your report about:

1. What type of information needs to be documented in the company's database regularly?

2. Explain how you will design and test systems to meet information requirements of decision makers.

3. Develop a communication plan for the organisation and explain the method you will choose to disseminate the information.

4. Mention few privacy/confidentiality policies you will adhere to in the transmission of new information.

5. Describe the utilisation of at least two technologies which can be used in the 'true home dream' as per the needs of information requirements.

6. Explain how you will ensure the maintenance of corporate knowledge and ensure security for the information

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Reference no: EM131089341

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