Displays the subtotal of the sale

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How to get the total purchase of five items with price of each items and then displays the subtotal of the sale, the amount of sales tax, and the total. Assume the sales tax is 6 percent.

Reference no: EM131240384

Identify the sets of standards

Select one set of standards from both chapter 17 and chapter 18.750-1000 words. Identify the sets of standards chosen and explain what the standards govern or the board cate

What is the safety stock level for item

1. What is the safety stock level for this item? Round your answer to the nearest integer. Your answer is . (1 point) Note: use "NORMSINV" function in Excel to find the accu

Show performance appraisal and evaluation

Would it be harder to rate the instructors' performance or to rank their performance and write three items to use in rating the instructors--one each to rate them in terms of

Illustrate what is the nominal yield of the bond

Consider the common problems with project cost estimation also recall a project with which you have been involved. Which of these common problems did you encounter most ofte

Fair distributions of rewards and corrections

The goal of evaluating the performance of employees is to maintain organizational control and fair distributions of rewards and corrections. Therefore, a spirit of mutuality

Logistics research problem

Case Study "Just in Time in Kalamazoo". "What still needs to be known about the decision to try a JIT orientation in the plant in question?" given that the logistics researc

Oversee the training of the employees

One of the front-line managerial roles of a director of maintenance is to oversee the training of the employees. What do you see as the three most important areas which woul

Human resource management job descriptions

Assume you discover that their job is so varied that it is almost impossible to put together a program that addresses everyone's needs. How would you handle that?


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