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Leadership in Program Planning

As a nurse who is involved as a leader, you may be in a position to develop and implement wellness and prevention programs, disease management programs, or quality management programs. Such program development can enable the nurse leader to foster a proactive approach that involves the patient in the management of her individual health care needs. By utilizing a self-health-care approach, the goal is for the patient to have a better understanding of matters relating to his health, to maintain a more active lifestyle, and to have mental well-being.

Your assignment this week is to demonstrate your leadership ability by planning one of the following programs, to be implemented in either your workplace or somewhere within your community:

• Prevention program.
• Disease management program.
• Quality management program.

Write up your chosen program idea in a formal APA paper with a title page (see page 23 in your APA Manual) and references (no abstract required). The paper should include:

1. Introduction of program idea.

2. Narrative description: The narrative provides the overall description for each of the major components of your chosen program idea.

3. Statement of problem or needs and resources assessment: This should represent a brief synopsis of the key findings identified for why you want to implement this program (this must be supported with a minimum of two references). Define the priority target populations or community sectors (for example, high school students, college students, alcohol outlets, neighborhood zone, nursing or medical staff, certain patient demographic, et cetera).

4. Planning process and identification of priorities: This section should include the overall planning process of how you would put the program together. What are current nursing evidence-based practices and research components that would support your program idea? (You should have a minimum of three.)

5. Project management and collaboration: Describe the overall collaboration, organization, and management structure that would be needed to implement your program idea.

6. Strategies and tools to manage information: Identify strategies to use information management tools to monitor the outcomes of your suggested program.

7. Conclusion of your program idea.

Reference no: EM13996524

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