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1. What are the advantages and disadvantages to including discussions of compensation during a performance management interview?

2. How does a manager decide how often to conduct formal performance management interviews?

3.Why is employee participation in the performance management process important? Under what circumstances is employee participation not necessarily important?

4. How did the Social Security Act change the way retirement benefits were viewed?

5. For a four- person surgical group, what kind of formula may be devised to fairly and consistently measure and reward productivity? What changes may be needed if one surgeon decides to perform more office work and less surgery?

6. What is the distinction between performance appraisal and performance management?

7. Describe the concept of total compensation. Why is it important?

8. How will you design a team- based compensation system such that free riders on the team cannot take advantage of the system?

9. What is the relationship between performance management and continuous quality improvement?

10. Employers are finding it more difficult to support health insurance coverage as a benefit, as it has become more costly than the tax savings for offering it. Is employer-based health insurance on its way out, and if so, is it more or less practical to maintain it as a benefit in a healthcare organization?

Reference no: EM131063262

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