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Prior to the discussion:

- Read all three of the assigned articles

- Find one additional article related to the week's topic on your own

- By midnight on FRIDAY before the next week's discussion, you must make a posting on the course blackboard website related to the upcoming topic.

That posting should include:

1- A single sentence that states what you believe to be the most important point about the topic of the week.

2- Four bullet points that individually relate each of the articles you read to the single sentence above.

3- A one paragraph summary focused on what additional information or insight the article you chose contributed to your understanding of the topic beyond what was included in the three assigned articles.

4- A statement about source credibility for each of the articles. Address why you trust or distrust all or a part of each article. If you distrust all or a part of an article, discuss how it affected your thinking on a topic.

5- Conclude your posting with at least two suggested discussion questions:

6- One that facilitates a meaningful discussion on ethical considerations related to the topic.

7- One that facilitates a meaningful discussion on international aspects/implications related to the topic.

8- You may add additional discussion questions as you see fit. Note that discussion questions that facilitate a meaningful discussion cannot be answered with a word or a sentence, they require thought and a genuine consideration of alternatives.

9- Include an APA-style reference for the article you chose, upload or link to a copy of the article you chose.

First article




Reference no: EM131321636

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