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1. In your university, professors likely have objectives regarding teaching, research, and service to the university. From your perspective, what are the relative priorities of these three objectives? If you could, how would you change these priorities and why?

2. Please select an IT organization and in a tabular format create a with 2 to 3 KPIs for each of the 4 perspectives and write the hypothetical goals, measure, and target for each of them respectively. And draw a dashboard for the created scorecard.

3. The IFE, EFE, SPACE and SWOT matrices completed in earlier Modules will be revised based on discussion feedback and integrated into the strategic assessment report. The information in these matrices will be used to develop an assessment of the company’s strategic position in the market place. The report will also include an introduction and summary of how this information may be utilized in the strategic planning process (assessment).

Reference no: EM132184538

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