Discussing tort actions arises in relation to family law

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Can you help me with these questions? A father shows his minor son pornography and sexually abuses him. Can the son bring a tort action against his father?

Dave knows that he has contagious herpes, but does not tell Alice, who contracts the disease from Dave. Can Alice sue Dave for battery? For intentional infliction of emotional distress? For deceit or fraud? Does it matter if the disease was communicated before or after Dave and Alice were married? Does it make any difference that they are now divorced?

Jim and Helen live together for a year before they are married. They separate two years after the marriage. While preparing to file for divorce, Helen discovers that she has contracted chlamydia trachomatis, a serious venereal disease that attacks the ovaries. Her reproductive system is permanently damaged. Assume that Jim gave her this disease through intercourse during the marriage. Jim carelessly thought he was not capable of infecting Helen. Can she sue Jim for negligence?

Reference no: EM1326526

Difference between a paraphilic disorder and kink

What is the difference between a paraphilic disorder and kink? How should someone ask for consent when specifically applied to kink?  (Give an example) What is aftercare and

Minimum wage

One of the provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938 is the minimum wage. Discuss the purpose of the minimum wage law and the criticisms that have been leveled agains

What conclusions did the researchers draw from the data

For this assignment, select a peer-reviewed journal article relating to an area of learning or cognition (e.g., learning, memory, language, motivation, intelligence, creativ

Take a latent print from an area within your home

Use SmartDraw to sketch a crime scene for the given scenario. Provide the location where you found latent fingerprints. Identify how many fingerprints you found around the c

How you might evaluate the success of the policy changes

explain how you might evaluate the success of the policy changes.explain of the impact, if any, the experiences and opinions of your colleagues have had on your own experience

Techniques associated with the daguerreotype

1. Describe the processes/techniques associated with the daguerreotype, the calotype paper negative, and the wet collodion glass negative. Who were the "inventors" of t

How and when did modern yoga come into being

Who wrote the Vedas? When were they written? What themes do they cover? What is the relationship between the Upanishads and the Vedas? How do the Vedas serve as the basis fo

Informpotential customers about products and services

Advertising is a one way communication whose purpose is to informpotential customers about products and services and how to obtainthem. Describe at least eight possible medium


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